At our farm, each horse's happiness is our top priority. We will work with you to design a plan that accommodates your horse's needs. There is always 24-hour supervision of the farm, 7 days a week. Contact us to create a plan that's right for you!

Level One: 

  • Basic care (stalls cleaned 2x daily, horses fed hay/grain, fresh water, night check)

  • Daily turnout/boots on, off

  • Blanketing and unblanketing

  • Administering medication when needed

  • Wrapping/unwrapping  

  • Use of all facilities and amenities

  • Scheduling of vet/farrier/dentist 

Level Two: 

  • Everything from Level One, plus:

  • Daily grooming

  • Tack up/untack

  • Bathing

Level Three: (Ideal for Training/Sales Horse)

  • Everything from Level 2 plus:

  • Professional rides and daily training

Level Four: 

  • Everything from Level 2 plus:

  • Training rides 

  • Lessons (max. of 8 per month)

Separate Charges:

  • Lessons

  • Shows (prices vary, depending on the size and rating of the show): Robin has a $75 per day counseling fee (it is $100 if a show is attended for the interest of one client)

  • Body-clipping: $150

  • Trimming: $20-25

  • De-worming (every 8 weeks): $20

  • Trailering (depends on mileage) 

Lessons: You can request a lesson with Jim. Contact us to set up a time.

Ship-in lessons are welcome and they are also willing to travel to your farm to train you and your horse.